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Bifold Door Blinds

Bifolds are one of the more elaborate door designs available, and not all blinds are suitable for bifold doors. BlindsByPost stocks a variety of blind solutions that are compatible with bifold doors, including XL Motorised Blinds, Perfect Fit Blinds and Vertical Blinds. Our Bifold Door Blinds are available in a range of designs, fabrics and colours, so you'll find the perfect blinds to suit your style!

Prevent unwanted light from entering through your bifold doors. Our selection of Bifold Door Blinds provide excellent light exclusion and perfect privacy when you need it. Moreover, the blinds superb thermal qualities will help you to reduce energy expenditure in maintaining desirable temperatures in your home, whatever the season.

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XL Motorised Blinds

Get With the Program

XL Motorised Blinds provide convenient light-level control for bifold doorways. Stylishly sleek and easy to use, our XL Motorised Blinds can be operated with the press of a button, by smartphone or tablet, or even by voice command using your smart home hub. Motorised Blinds provide maximum child and pet safety, as they operate without any external chains, cords or wires.


Perfect Fit Blinds

No Drill, No Fuss

Perfect Fit Blinds are the perfect fit for most bifold doors! Completely pet and child safe, this style of blind is a practical, affordable, elegant solution for light control in your home or office. Perfect Fit Blinds can be fitted hassle-free to doors of almost any design. Our wide selection includes Perfect Fit Wood and Metal Venetians, plus Perfect Fit Pleated Blinds.

Please note that, as the blinds sit proud from the window frame by approximately 12mm, not all bifold doors will sit flat against one another with Perfect Fit Blinds installed. Also Perfect Fit Roller Blinds are not suitable for bifold doors.


Vertical Blinds

Straight-up Quality

Vertical Blinds are an excellent practical choice for larger doorways, making them the perfect accompaniment to bifold doors. This design comprises a row of vertical hanging slats that can be tilted and drawn by use of a wand or dual-beaded chain. (Our chain operated Vertical Blinds come with a cord tidy to ensure maximum safety for children and pets.)


Bifold Door Blinds FAQ's

Bifold Door Blinds are designed for bifold doors, offering light exclusion, privacy, and thermal qualities. They come in various designs, fabrics, and colours.

Options include XL Motorised Blinds, selected Perfect Fit Blinds, and Vertical Blinds.

Features include convenient light-level control, child and pet safety, and the ability to reduce energy expenditure.

XL Motorised Blinds can be operated with a button, smartphone, tablet, or voice command via a smart home hub.

All our blinds are super easy to install. Our Perfect Fit Blinds can be fitted hassle-free with no tools required.

Both XL Motorised and Perfect Fit Blinds are child and pet safe, operating without external chains or cords.

Yes, Vertical Blinds are an excellent choice for larger doorways and can be operated with a wand or chain.

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