Blackout Blinds

We all know the pain of waking up at 5 am Saturday morning, due to the light shining through and disturbing our long-awaited lie in! This is why for many people Blackout Blinds are the answer.

They can be added as an addition to your curtains helping to give that extra blocking of light or can be used on their own to provide blockage of the light entering the room.

These blinds are great and there are many different types that we have available for you to purchase. With our blackout vertical blinds offer a lot in the way of control and privacy, this being down to their tilting slats. You will be spoilt for choice with our huge range currently available.

If you are looking to change your room, then our range of cheap blackout blinds will help give you, your desired look. Go ahead and see the different types - by heading the filter system to - shop by and you see a range of different types such as blackout roller blind, blackout vertical and much more. Plus, you can use it to sort through our range of colours. 

With our range of blackout roller blinds, you will be able to have the maximum amount of light exclusion as well as the privacy you need. Making this the ideal blind for your bedroom.

All of the blackout blind fabric allows for a good level of light blocking ability but, like many other suppliers, we are referring to blackout being that no light will pass through the fabric. There will still be a small amount of light that will bleed out from the blind edge and any overlapping sections.

So you’re probably wondering how blackout blinds work? Well, they will sit snug inside of the window frame, this allows you to create darkness at any point throughout the day. When it comes to installing a blackout blind the process couldn’t be easier, with more information available in our fitting guides.

If you are looking for more information about measuring for your blinds, then make sure you drop by our measuring guide. With advice about making sure you choose the right type of blind and how to correctly measure for an easy installation.

Mixing both practicality and style, you will find the perfect blackout blind which will help both you and your family keep out the light to have a great night's sleep.

Light pollution is a problem for many people in built-up areas, not to mention being the main cause of disturbed sleep. In order to get around this problem, more and more people are investing in blackout blinds to place inside their homes.

At blindsbypost all of our blinds are made to measure, using a blackout fabric we are able to block out light pollution which occurs both during the day and at night. All fitting neatly inside of your window frame and matching your home’s interior.

With three types of blind available - roller, vertical and perfect fit, with others following suit. All of these contain a lining that is specifically designed to prevent any light from passing through.

With a large number of blinds available to in our blackout range, whether you are wanting a pattern or colourful fabric, we have the choice to make your room pop! With blackout being the best choice for the bedroom, with the blackout lining helping to block out the harsh sunlight, it means that you can rest easy with no light pollution disturbing your sleep.

Another great benefit of these cheap blackout blinds is the thickness of the material which gives great thermal properties. Overall helping to reduce the costs of your heating bill which means that these blinds are great value for money. Let us know if you have any questions about our blackout blinds no matter the style whether they are roof or pleated we will be happy to help. 

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Blackout Blinds FAQ's

Blackout blinds are unique in that they have a very specific purpose; to keep light getting in! With six types of blind available - roller, vertical, roman, roof, pleated and perfect fit - you can choose the style you want whilst benefiting from the blackout function.

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