Child Safety

Safety in the home is of the utmost importance. Here we’ll cover a few of the ways that blinds are made safer for children and vulnerable people.

Cord & Chain Operated Blinds

Blinds are a popular and attractive way to keep out unwanted light and maintain privacy in the home. In traditional designs, blinds are often operated by loose hanging cords or chains. Unfortunately, these can be hazardous, particularly when within reach of small children.

Chain- and cord-operated blinds are made safer in several ways:

  • The length of chains and cords is restricted by regulation, ensuring they are beyond the reach of young children;
  • Tensioner devices are used to keep cords and chains taut at all times, reducing entanglement risks;
  • Chain-break connectors and breakaway tassels cause cords and chains to break when placed under excessive tension;
  • Cleats, installed on a nearby surface beyond the reach of children, allow cords and chains to be stored securely between each use.

Cord Free Alternatives: Safe by Design

Many modern blinds are operated without the use of cords or chains. Cordless designs include gear- and wand-operated blinds, as well as motorised blinds, which have grown in popularity following improvements in battery and motor technology.

Each of these “safe by design” options avoids the risks associated with cord- and chain-operated blinds. Motorised blinds are particularly safe for children to use, as they can be operated via remote control using smartphones and tablets, and even by voice command through smart home technology.

Existing Blinds: Replace or Update?

What’s the best thing to do if your existing blinds are operated via hanging cords or chains? It’s a good idea to replace cord- and chain-operated blinds with cord-free alternatives wherever possible, plus there are child-safe alternatives for just about every style of blind you can think of.

However, some windows aren’t compatible with these cordless alternatives, meaning that cord- or chain-operated blinds are the only option. In these cases, safety-enhancing devices like cleats, tensioners, chain-break connectors and breakaway tassels can usually be added to existing blinds to ensure maximum child safety.

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