Cassette Motorised Roller Blinds

Motorised Cassette Roller Blinds combine maximum convenience with sleek aesthetics and excellent options for light filtering and exclusion.

Because your Motorised Cassette Roller Blinds can be integrated with your smart home hub, you can control your blinds using the same devices and voice commands you already use to operate your garage door, lights and heating. You can even automate your blinds to open and close at set times each day.

Motorised Cassette Roller Blinds are very customisable! Whether your tastes are more minimal or more elaborate, you can choose from a range of options to achieve your aesthetic goals. Select between bold or neutral tones, between plain colour or attractive patterns and designs, between light-blocking and light-filtering materials, and between a choice of colour options for your cassette and bottom bar. Build your Motorised Cassette Roller Blinds to suit your style.

The cassette system protects the blind fabric against dust accumulation, making Motorised Cassette Roller Blinds relatively low-maintenance and allergy-friendly, when compared with other blind systems.

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