Cassette Roller Blinds

Cassette Roller Blinds: Encase your roller blinds in a cassette frame headbox to provide sleek aesthetics and excellent light filtering or exclusion. Customise your blinds to suit your style. Cassette Roller Blinds are versatile, and the options available can accommodate both minimalist and more elaborate tastes. Choose from a range of textures and colours, including muted and bolder options. Many attractive designs are available: from flowers and leaves to spotted, striped and chequered. You can also choose a bottom bar for your Cassette Roller Blinds. The bottom bar comes in a variety of colours, as does the cassette itself.

A great practical benefit of the cassette system is that it protects the fabric against the build-up of dust, which makes Cassette Roller Blinds both lower maintenance and more allergy-friendly than many other blind systems.

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