Children’s Blackout Blinds

Kids are adorable little bundles of energy… energy that can persist well past their bedtime. Parents need all the help they can get to make sure their children get enough sleep, so that they can learn and grow.

When it comes to decorating a child’s bedroom, it’s important to consider both style and function. BlindsbyPost’s range of Blackout Children's Blinds block out light from street lights, car headlights and that pesky summer evening sun. This provides the perfect distraction-free environment, so your kids can nod off when they’re supposed to (fingers crossed). The thermally efficient properties of Blackout Blinds help you stay cool in summer and warm in winter – and save you money on your energy bills!

Our Blackout Children’s Blinds come in a wide variety of fabrics, styles, colours and fun patterns, so you’ll find blinds to meet the requirements of even the most discerning youngin!

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Children's Roller Blinds

Roll On Bedtime

Keep distracting light at bay with Children’s Blackout Roller Blinds. All the fun designs available mean that these roller blinds will brighten up your child’s room in the day, as well as help your child get to sleep at bedtime – even at the height of summer! Our Children’s Blackout Roller Blinds are easy to install and look great.


Children's Motorised Blinds

Get With the Program

Children’s Blackout Motorised Blinds are a convenient way to control light levels in your child’s room. Not being manually operated, Motorised Blinds avoid any of the child safety concerns associated with hanging cords. BlindsByPost’s Blackout Motorised Blinds are powered by Somfy technology: this means they can be operated by remote control, or even through your smart home hub – clever stuff! Our range of Motorised Blackout Blinds includes both Roller and Roman styles.


Children's Perfect Fit Blinds

No Drill, No Fuss

A hassle-free solution for your Blackout Children’s Blinds, our Perfect Fit Blackout Blinds click neatly into most uPVC windows and offer excellent light control. No screws are needed and, most importantly, no holes are made in your walls! BlindsByPost’s Perfect Fit Blackout Blinds are designed with child safety in mind and are available in an array of colours that your kids will love.


Children's Roman Blinds

All Roads Lead to Bedtime

Our Children’s Blackout Roman Blinds are great for kids of all ages and come in a wide range of colours, from bright and bold to more subtle or neutral tones. Moreover, the superior thermal properties of the blackout lining mean that you’ll save on energy when keeping your home warm in winter. The elegant design of our Children’s Blackout Roman Blinds offers a tasteful solution for keeping out invasive light.