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Fakro Window Codes & Sizes Explained

To ensure you purchase the correct blind to fit your FAKRO roof window skylight, you will need to check size and/or window code of your FAKRO window. Every Fakro Roof window has a branded identification label, this is usually located in the top right corner of the window once opened (see image below)


Your Fakro style window should contain a unique plate stating the size details of your window. For example FTP 78/98. This should be located on the window frame, or in some cases this identification label can be found on the inner frame by opening the roof window.

The Code Explained...
The first 3 letters of this code refer to the model of the window. This is in a 3 letter format. For example: FTP.

The next 1-7 digits of this code refer to the size of your window. Depending upon the age of the window, this identification label may only give part of the Fakro code. For example; 5 or 78/98.

Fakro CodeVisible Glass SizeAlternative Fakro Code

Fakro 1369 mm x 590 mm55/78

Fakro 2373 mm x 790 mm55/98

Fakro 3483 mm x 790 mm66/98

Fakro 4483 mm x 990 mm66/118

Fakro 5603 mm x 790 mm78/98

Fakro 6603 mm x 990 mm78/118

Fakro 7603 mm x 1210 mm78/140

Fakro 8763 mm x 990 mm94/118

Fakro 9763 mm x 1210 mm94/140

Fakro 10963 mm x 990 mm114/118

Fakro 11963 mm x 1210 mm114/140

Fakro 121163 mm x 790 mm134/98

Fakro 13603 mm x 1410 mm78/160

Fakro 15763 mm x 790 mm94/98

Fakro 171163 mm x 1210 mm134/140

Fakro 22483 mm x 590 mm66/78

Fakro 23603 mm x 590 mm78/78

Fakro 24763 mm x 590 mm94/78

Fakro 25963 mm x 590 mm114/78

Fakro 261163 mm x 590 mm34/78

Fakro 33603 mm x 410 mm78/60

Fakro 34763 mm x 410 mm94/60

Fakro 35963 mm x 410 mm114/60

Fakro 361163 mm x 410 mm134/60