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Keylite Window Codes & Sizes Explained

To ensure you purchase the correct blind to fit your KEYLITE roof window skylight, you will need to check size and/or window code of your Keylite window. Every Keylite Roof window has a branded identification label, this is usually located in the top right corner of the window once opened (see image below)


Your Keylite style window should contain a unique plate stating the size details of your window. For example Window Size 01. This should be located on the window frame, or in some cases on the inner frame can be seen be found by opening the roof window.

The Code Explained...
Keylite display the codes in a simple manor, Window Size 03 = Keylite Code 3.
In some cases this may have a letter before or after the number. This is important and please select the correct option when ordering, for example Keylite Code 03a is a different size to a Keylite Code 03, and a P04 is different to a 04. If your size is not displayed on our site, please do call or chat with us online.

In rare cases where only a serial number is provided, please measure the visible glass size and use our chart below, or contact Keylite who can provide you with your Keylite Window Code.

Please note, keylite have stated to change the GLASS SIZE but keep the same FRAME SIZE and KEYLITE CODE.
Please do check our sizes on the chart below, and if you have any questions or your code and size do not match our grid please do contact us before ordering.

Keylite CodesVisible Glass Size (MM)Frame Size (MM)

Keylite Code 01371 x 531550 × 780

Keylite Code 01C371 x 931550 x 1180

Keylite Code 01F371 x 1151550 x 1400

Keylite Code 01G371 x 1351550 x 1600

Keylite Code 02371 x 731550 × 980

Keylite Code 03481 x 931660 × 1180

Keylite Code 03A481 x 531660 × 780

Keylite Code 03B481 x 731660 × 980

Keylite Code 03F481 x 1151660 x 1400

Keylite Code 03G481 x 1351660 x 1600

Keylite Code 04601 x 731780 × 980

Keylite Code 04A601 x 531780 × 780

Keylite Code 04G601 x 1351780 × 1600

Keylite Code 05601 x 931780 × 1180

Keylite Code 06601 x 1151780 × 1400

Keylite Code 07761 x 1351940 x 1600

Keylite Code 07A761 x 531940 x 780

Keylite Code 07B761 x 731940 x 980

Keylite Code 07C761 x 931940 x 1180

Keylite Code 07F761 x 1151940 x 1400

Keylite Code 08961 x 9311140 × 1180

Keylite Code 08A961 x 5311140 × 780

Keylite Code 08B961 x 7311140 × 980

Keylite Code 08F961 x 11511140 × 1400

Keylite Code 08G961 x 13511140 x 1600

Keylite Code 091161 x 7311340 × 980

Keylite Code 09A1161 x 5311340 × 780

Keylite Code 09C1161 x 9311340 × 1180

Keylite Code 09G1161 x 13511340 x 1600

Keylite Code 101161 x 11511340 × 1400