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What are the benefits of using Thermal Blinds? 

Thermal blinds can significantly improve the energy efficiency of your home. They can reduce heat loss through windows by 40% or more, which equates to about 10% heating energy savings. In cooling seasons, thermal blinds can reduce unwanted solar heat through windows by up to 60%, reducing the total solar gain to 20% when installed with a tight fit.

Can I have one blind up and one down? 

Yes, that's the great thing about our Double Roller Blinds! Due to the two separate side controls, you will have the flexibility in controlling the amount of light and privacy you want in your home. Having the blackout fabric rolled down will give you full privacy, whereas having the sheer voile down will help to keep the brightness and light in but also give you a little bit of privacy. 

What are Blackout Blinds? 

Blackout blinds are made with blackout lining and designed to block out light. They can be used alone or as an addition to curtains. They come in various types like Roller, Vertical, and Perfect fits.

If I have an upstand of plastic separating two panes of glass will I require two or one perfect fits? 

You will require two perfect fits. Please make sure you check our guides to see whether your windows/doors are suitable for these blinds. 

If my glass is textured/ridged, will the side guides fix correctly?

We advise to ensure the glass which you are installing onto is completely flat so that the guides can successfully attach via adhesion.

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Product Info

Currently, the price of replacement slats includes a couple of complimentary weight options. If you would prefer to not have any weights/chains included with your order, please send us an email immediately after placing your order and we can manually update the order. Unfortunately there is no difference in price though.

We recommend recharging the blind every 4-6 months. The integrated battery within the motor means you do not need to remove the blind from its brackets when charging. The motor head has an accessible small port (just like your mobile phone) where you simply plug in the charger; when charging is complete the LED light on the charger will turn solid Green.

The depth of the Perfect Fit Roller Blind cassette/extrusion is 58mm, and the height is 74mm.

Yes! All our Replacement Slats come with the weight and chain option of your choice and also have the hangers in the top of the slats to hang them to the headrail.

Yes, that's the great thing about our Double Roller Blinds! Due to the two separate side controls, you will have the flexibility in controlling the amount of light and privacy you want in your home. Having the blackout fabric rolled down will give you full privacy, whereas having the sheer voile down will help to keep the brightness and light in but also give you a little bit of privacy. 

Yes! All our Vertical Blinds come with the weight and chain option of your choice.

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Roller Blinds Explained

Roller blinds are suitable for most types of windows and doors.

We can manufacture Roller blinds up to 500cm wide, perfect for large areas to cover such as bi-fold doors - whilst taking up very little space when fully rolled up.

We supply universal brackets, so they can be top fixed, side fixed or face fixed so you need not worry that you need any different bracket for your installation type!

Roller blinds come in a huge range of fabrics, colours and finishing options. which makes them ideal for use in all different environments.

Features such as blackout, thermal, flame retardent and waterproof to name just a few means that we can ensure the blind chosen for your room is extremely practical.

Given the product is relatively quick to manufacture, it makes this stylish blind type one of the cheapest products available whilst being of of the simplest ways to transform a room.

The "Standard Roll" option means the fabric will roll from the back of the tube, closer to the glass. This brings benefits such as better thermal retention and light reflection (particularly useful for blackout fabrics!).

The "Reverse Roll" option does just the opposite, meaning the fabric will roll from the front of the tube, away from the glass. This is beneficial if there are window handles to clear, and usually a preferred option for creating the seamless look.

The wrap around bottom bar, is the most desired option across the Blinds industry, as it gives a seamless look without any sewing lines or "pin pricks" across the fabric. You may ask why do other competitors use the "Open Sew Pocket"? Quite simply, it is the cheapest and quickest method of manufacture - we believe in quality and therefore do not use this method.

The simple answer is no.

A White Plastic chain comes as standard across all our Roller blinds. We give upgrade options in both Plastic and Metal chain options, so you can personalise your blind to match household accessories such as Brass door handles or Silver wall sockets.

We offer 3 fitting options for our Roller blinds, Recess being the most popular fitting type. However not all window's are the same so you may need to choose a different option and we will explain below...


When selecting a Recess fitting option, we will allow a tolerance in manufacture from the sizes you have provided so that the blind you receive will fit inside your window.
For reference, the fabric width is always 35mm less than your Width measurement when you choose "Recess", this is the industry standard deduction to allow the blind to operate freely when installed.

Exact Size

When selecting an Exact Size fitting option, we recommend that this measurement type is only used when installing outside of the window recess, where you know the exact position of the outside bracket to bracket measurement of where the blind is to be installes.
For reference, the fabric width will be 35mm less than your Width measurement when you choose "Exact Size", this is the industry standard deduction to allow the blind to operate freely when installed.

Fabric Width

When selecting a Fabric Width fitting option, it is recommended that this measurement type is only used when installing outside of the window recess, where you know the exact width between the edges of the fabric cloth that you wish to cover for the specific area.
For reference, the overall width size of the blind will be 35mm larger than your Width measurement when you choose "Fabric Width", this is to accommodate the brackets and to allow the blind to operate freely when installed; so please ensure you have sufficient space to allow for the brackets when choosing this measurement option.

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Wooden Blinds Explained

There are two sets of controls on a Wooden blind. To raise and lower the blind, the cord would be on the right hand side of the blind and when you pull this cord the bottom bar of the blind moves upwards, and each slat stacks on top of each other until the blind reaches the headrail where it cannot be raised any higher. To tilt the slats, there are two cords on the left hand side of the blind. Pulling one cord will make the slats close downwards and pulling the other cord will then make the slats close upwards. 

Whilst Wooden blinds do block plenty of light out and will give complete privacy when closed, they are not a blackout product.

The slats on wood blinds when closed do overlap each other, however there will still be light creeping round each individual slat.

This decision is purely down to personal choice. Tapes are simply an accessory to a Wooden Blind but given the look, helped by the home decor Instagrammers, they are an increasingly popular option.

Tapes, manufactured from cotton, conceal the small punch holes in the Wooden Slats where the cords run up and down, which for some feel that this gives a greater level of privacy and improves the aesthetic look of the overall blind given the herringbone design.

Tapes are a fixed part of the blind, and cannot be removed if you change your mind.

How Many Tapes Will Be On My Blind?

We cannot change the amount of tapes that are on a blind, they are spaced very specifically so that the slats that rest on them do not bend or sag under their own weight. If you would like to know how many tapes, simply send us an eMail or call us with your width measurement and we can let you know straight away.

What Size Tape Will Be On My Blind?

We will supply a 19mm width tape on a 25mm slat size blind, a 25mm width on a 35mm slat and a 38mm width on a 50mm slat as standard.

There is the option to have a 25mm width tape on a 50mm slat size, however this option is not available on our website and you must eMail or call us to express your desire to choose this option, there is no additional charge if you chose this width.

On all our Wooden Blinds it is normal for up to two slats to sit on the bottom bar, this is to cover the punch holes in the bottom bar and to minimise the light seepage. Sometimes you will have a second slat sat on the bottom bar, this is there to block the light when closed, and even though it may look like it shouldn't be there - trust us it is meant to be!

Measuring for our wooden blinds is straightforward. How you want your blinds to fit - inside the recess or outside of it - will determine where you measure. Check out our full measuring guide for wooden blinds for step-by-step instructions.

Each of our wooden blinds come with a full fitting guide which can be downloaded from our website, along with a short demonstration video. We recommend reading and watching these carefully before installation to get the perfect fit for your wooden blinds.

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Vertical Blinds Explained

When measuring for your vertical blinds remember that the drop length will include both the headrail and slats. It is also always best practice to measure in three places to get the most accurate measurements. See our step-by-step guide for more information.

Vertical blinds can either be fixed to the lintel or the window frame; make sure you know which option you want before starting installation and follow the relevant instructions, downloadable from our website. There is also a handy how-to video.

Clean your vertical blinds by detaching them from the headrail. Then, you can clean the headrail and hoover the slats using the brush attachment. You can use a damp cloth to wipe them down, but ensure they dry fully.

Vertical blinds have a huge advantage over other blinds because they cover much taller spaces. They are perfect for larger, floor-to-ceiling windows like in bi-fold doors, conservatories or offices. With a choice of materials and colours, they are highly versatile.

Our range of vertical blinds includes a vast array of colours, from the bright and bold to tasteful neutrals so you can choose the right look for your room. Samples of all our blinds are available so you can see colours and materials in person.

Our Vertical Blinds are stitched with transparent thread. Please note if on a blackout fabric the thread may pull through the blackout lining and appear dark.

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Replacement Slats Explained

If you're looking to update your blinds with replacement slats then you'll need to buy the right width slats to ensure a correct fit and measure the length of your existing slats. Read our measuring guide for more information.

Replacement slats are incredibly easy to install. Just clip them into place at the headrail, return the weight to the pocket at the bottom, and reattach to the chain. Just ensure all slats are facing the same direction for a seamless look.

Clean your replacement slats just as you would for normal vertical blinds. Keep them dust-free by hoovering with the brush attachment and depending on the material, wiping clean with a damp cloth. But your replacement slats will arrive ready to go!

Replacement slats are a great option if you don't want the cost involved in buying new blinds yet fancy updating the look, or perhaps you have a couple of damaged slats. Just order as many slats as you need and we'll do the rest!

Getting the right replacement slats to suit your room is easy. Browse our wide range - available in plenty of colours and with a choice of widths - and pick something new if you're after a new look, or the best match for your existing blinds.

Motorised Blinds Explained

Due to the electric components of motorised blinds, you must never soak your blinds or use a damp cloth with them. Keep on top of dust build-up by using your hoover with the brush attachment, or use what's called a dry sponge to remove dust and dirt.

Motorised blinds are completely unique from other choices because they give you ultimate control over the light in your room. Use the remote or app to raise or lower them from your bed, or link them up to the Tahoma Switch home hub to set them to a daily schedule.

Because our motorised blind range includes many of our popular styles you can choose the best match for your room. Some of our styles only have a motorised tilt, but others can be raised and lowered, so this is important to factor in to your decision.

There are motorised versions of many of our popular styles of blind including roller, venetian and even some of our wooden range. To ensure you get the most accurate measurements, you'll need to follow the measuring guide for your chosen style.

Motorised blinds are still fitted according to the instructions of the type of blind you have selected, but there are a few extra steps. A charger and remote is not included and must be purchased separately. They can also be controlled via Somfy Tahoma home hubs.

The charging port is at the end of the motor within the roller tube of the blind, you can select which side you would like the motor end to be on to help with ease of access to plug this into the charger, the blinds can be charged hung or taken down. 

We do also have an extension cord available for the chargers which is 240cm in length, click here to shop.

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Perfect Fit Blinds Explained

To measure for our Perfect Fit Blinds take care to follow the instructions and our helpful video. Because these blinds fit to the window itself, you need to measure the visible glass carefully to ensure they are a good fit on arrival.

Perfect Fit blinds are very easy to install and come with a set of instructions. It will also be helpful to watch our how-to video. If you have any difficulties whilst fitting them, feel free to contact us and we will be able to advise.

Keeping Perfect Fit blinds dust-free by regularly hoovering with the brush attachment is the best way to keep them clean and functioning well. Depending on the material of your chosen blinds, you could also gently wipe with a damp cloth.

Perfect Fit blinds are utterly unique in their clip-on design. This means they simply clip into the frame of UPVC windows without requiring any drilling or screwing into your window frames, making them a really flexible option.

Perfect Fit blinds come in a variety of colours and materials, so if you want a more classic look you can opt for wooden ones, or if you want them to blend in to your room you can choose a complimenting colour.

Perfect Fit blinds are not suitable for any sliding door system, the frame sits proud by approximately 12mm from fitting flush against the window frame. In turn, this may prohibit some bi-fold door systems folding completely flat against one another.

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Roman Blinds Explained

Roman blinds can be fitted inside the window recess or outside of it, so you'll need to decide this before measuring up. Remember to allow for the stacking height when measuring, and follow our measuring guide online.

Our roman blinds come with step-by-step fitting guides for a smooth installation. These fitting instructions will vary depending on whether you are installing them in the recess or outside of it. If you have any problems you can always contact us.

It's important not to let moisture settle on your roman blinds. Just wipe them with a clean, damp, cloth, without any detergent, and vacuum with the upholstery attachment. It is also not recommended to use any oil or lubricant on the blind parts.

Roman blinds bring a sense of luxury to any room, especially with our selection of materials and patterns. These types of blinds have been ever-popular and will always add style to any room whilst remaining functional in keeping the sun out and warmth in.

Whatever your planned or existing decor, we'll have a material or pattern to match amongst our range of roman blinds, from soft silks to timeless linen or quality velvet. Don't forget you can order samples, too.

Double Roller Blinds Explained

Measuring for double roller blinds follows the same process as measuring for roller blinds, and similarly you will need to decide if you are fitting them within the window recess or so it covers the whole opening.

Your double roller blinds will arrive with full instructions on how to install them properly, and you will have chosen during the order process whether they are to be fitted inside the recess or outside of it so take care to follow the correct guide.

To clean double roller blinds you'll need to unroll each blind separately. We recommend using the upholstery brush hoover attachment and getting rid of any dust build-up that way, and if necessary wiping with a clean, damp cloth.

Double Roller Blinds are a way to have ultimate flexibility in your home. Offering two independently operated blinds to give you light diffusion via the semi-sheer blind, or complete privacy and darkness with the opaque, blackout fabric layer.

Double roller blinds come in a range of neutral shades to complement your room perfectly. From calming greys and dark blues to light and bright creams and whites, there will be something for every home.

Metal Venetian Blinds Blinds Explained

To measure for your metal Venetian blinds, you'll need to measure the width and drop in three places and select the smallest measurement. Don't make any subtractions from this. For a step-by-step guide check out our how-to measuring videos.

Our metal Venetian blinds are simple to install but we recommend they are fitted by someone competent in DIY. Our blinds ordered comes with full fitting instructions and it is important to follow them carefully and pay attention to the safety notes.

Metal Venetian blinds are perhaps easier to clean than fabric options. Wiping them down with a damp cloth is a quick and simple way to remove dirt.

Metal Venetian blinds are fantastically hard wearing as well as being classic and timeless. They are a staple of many offices and homes and are a brilliant option to have control over the light and heat in your home.

Long gone are the days of metal Venetian blinds only being available in silver - we've got lots of colours for you to choose from to suit any room. Neutral creams and earthy tones or bright reds and blues; it's never been easier to find a match.

All our Metal Venetian blinds from the headrail to the cords and bottom bar will be colour co-ordinated to the colour of the slats.

Day and Night Blinds Blinds Explained

To measure your window for day and night blinds you'll need to check for any obstructions such as handles to ensure there is enough room for the blind. Then, take three measurements along the width and drop. You'll submit the smallest one to us.

Read the fitting instructions carefully before attempting the install of your day and night blinds and take note of the safety warnings. The instructions are included when posted and are also downloadable from the website.

It is important to take care when cleaning day and night blinds because of the sheer fabric used. We recommend using the hoover with the brush attachment on a low setting to remove dust build-up. A damp cloth can also be used for more stubborn dirt.

Day and night blinds, also known as Vision blinds, are unique to others in that they have two layers of fabric that move simultaneously. This allows for precise light control and additional privacy whilst maintaining a view to the outside.

The great thing about our range of day and night blinds is that we offer them in a variety of shades so you can pick the right blind for your room. All neutral shades, they vary from earthy creams and browns to modern whites, greys and silvers.

Roof Blinds Explained

You do not need to measure for our skylight roof blinds, but you must check the make and model number of your windows very carefully. You'll need to select this when you choose your blinds, and this will then inform us the measurements of your blinds.

Full fitting instructions can be found on our website to install your skylight roof blinds, but we do recommend this is carried out by someone competent in DIY, particularly because the window's location might be difficult to access.

The location of your skylight roof blinds might make it difficult to keep them clean but it is important to prevent the build-up of dust and insects. Using the long reach of a hoover with the brush attachment can be a good way to maintain them.

Skylights brighten up any room, but too much light can cause issues with heat build-up. Be in control of this by installing our skylight roof blinds to create shade in the summer by controlling the light and a cosy environment in the winter.

Choose from blackout or normal, bright or neutral to pick the perfect roof blind for your space. Perhaps you want a pop of colour to make it more of a feature, or something light and bright in keeping with a conservatory or extension.

Your window code and manufacturer is located on a small plaque, usually when opening your window. Please note that we only manufacture compatible blinds for Velux, Keylite, Fakro, RoofLite & Dakstra windows with certain window codes.

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Blind Parts & Spares Explained

We sell a range of blind parts to replace any part of your blinds that you might get damaged or you need to replace for whatever reason. If you aren't sure which part matches your blinds, don't hesitate to contact us and we can help.

Blind Parts & Spares are components used to replace lost, broken, or old parts of various types of blinds including Vertical, Roller, Roman, and Venetian blinds.

Yes, the customer services team can assist you in finding the right bracket, weight, or chain for your specific blind.

Parts are available for Vertical Blinds,Perfect Fit Blinds, Roller Blinds, Roman Blinds, and Venetian Blinds.

Blackout Blinds Explained

Blackout blinds are unique in that they have a very specific purpose; to keep light getting in! With six types of blind available - roller, vertical, roman, roof, pleated and perfect fit - you can choose the style you want whilst benefiting from the blackout function.

Blackout blinds are made with blackout lining and designed to block out light. They can be used alone or as an addition to curtains. They come in various types like Roller, Vertical, and Perfect fits.

Next Day Blinds Explained

Our blinds are made to order, and we understand that you may need your blinds as soon as possible. That’s why we offer a same day despatch service for all orders placed before 11am Monday to Friday. This means that if you place your order before 11am on a weekday, we will make sure to get your blinds out to our couriers on the same day, so they can be delivered to you the very next working day.

For orders placed after 11am on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, delivery will be on the following Tuesday. This is to ensure that your blinds are not sitting in a warehouse over the weekend, and that they reach you in the best condition possible.

We use reliable and efficient couriers to ensure that your blinds are delivered to you on time. We understand that you may have specific delivery requirements, so please do not hesitate to contact us if you need to arrange a different delivery date or have any questions about the delivery process.

In addition, we offer a “next day delivery” option for certain products if you need them urgently. We also offer a tracking link for you to follow your order.

We are committed to providing excellent customer service and ensuring that you are completely satisfied with your purchase. So if you have any questions or concerns about your order, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Perfect Fit Shutters Explained

Perfect fit shutters sit 30mm proud on the frame, but in total 55mm (including the control tilt rod)

The best contrasting colour that we feel matches the typical uPVC White is our Cotton White option, but if you want to see for yourself we offer free samples dispatched within 24 hours.

If your window your uses an Espag handle, these Shutters will be compatible with your handle when using the handle rebate option inside the product. For any further queries please contact our customer service team for advice.

What makes the Perfect Fit Shutter different is that it does not need a surrounding frame. The panel clips directly onto the glass, using the specially patented bracket system. The benefit of these Shutters is that you are able to easily open and close windows, and keep the full space of your windowsill which in turn gives greater special depth to your room!

Yes! Our Perfect Fit Shutters have child safety features due to the cord-free design.

Thermal Blinds Explained

Thermal blinds can significantly improve the energy efficiency of your home. They can reduce heat loss through windows by 40% or more, which equates to about 10% heating energy savings. In cooling seasons, thermal blinds can reduce unwanted solar heat through windows by up to 60%, reducing the total solar gain to 20% when installed with a tight fit.