French Door Blinds

Introducing French Door Blinds, offering a variety of solutions to enhance privacy, control light, and add style to your outdoor living space.

Whether you prefer traditional fixed blinds like Roller Blinds, Cassette Blinds, or Motorised Blinds, or opt for hassle-free installation with no-drill options like Perfect Fit Blinds, ClickFit Blinds, and StickFit Blinds, there's a perfect fit for every french door.

These blinds offer seamless integration, providing easy access to your french while ensuring privacy and comfort indoors. Explore our range of options to find the perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics for your french door, transforming your outdoor area into a cosy retreat for relaxation and entertainment.

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Perfect Fit Shuters

Shutterly fabulous!

Capture the timeless elegance of traditional shutters with a modern twist by choosing our Perfect Fit shutters. With their resemblance to traditional shutters, these innovative clip in window/door treatments offer excellent light management while adding sophistication and versatility to your home.


Perfect Fit Blinds

Like a Glove!

Our Perfect Fit Blinds install directly onto your window beading in minutes - a seamless installation process with no tools needed. As no drilling is required, your window recess remains undamaged and unmarked. Perfect Fit Blinds are compatible with almost all uPVC doors and windows, including French Doors - the epitome of convenience and versatility!


StickFit Blinds

You’ll Want To Stick With These!

StickFit Blinds are our most widely compatible blind. Unlike other no-drill blind options, StickFit Blinds can even be installed to older wood-framed windows where there is no internal beading. This is thanks to the StickFit’s design, which features an adhesive panel that attaches directly to the window. StickFit Blinds are tested for durability at all household temperatures and humidity levels.


ClickFit Blinds

Your Ideal Blind Is a Click Away!

Just like their Perfect Fit counterparts, our ClickFit Blinds are easy to install to and remove from your french doors - no tools required. The added benefit of ClickFit Blinds is that, while Perfect Fit Blinds require a clearance of 25mm around the window, the ClickFit’s compact design works for windows with much lower clearance due to door handles, etc.


Roller Blinds

Rolling in Style

Providing convenient light-level control, these stylish blinds are among the most popular designs for french doors. Roller Blinds are available in both standard and XL sizes to suit every space. With simple, user-friendly controls, Roller Blinds make it a breeze to regulate natural light and enhance your interior's ambiance.


Double Roller Blinds

Style on the Double!

Discover the versatility of Double Roller Blinds, featuring two rollers for ultimate light control. One roller is equipped with light-blocking material while the other gently diffuses natural light. Easily adjust the blinds to achieve your desired level of privacy and ambiance. Double Roller Blinds offer the best of both worlds, allowing you to enjoy natural light or block it out completely as needed.


Cassette Blinds

Elegance Unrolled

Cassette Roller Blinds offer easy light regulation and add a touch of minimalist elegance to your french interior. Available in standard and XL sizes to accommodate all spaces, these blinds deliver smooth and seamless functionality, ensuring privacy and simplifying the management of natural light. The sleek cassette provides a clean, contemporary aesthetic.


Motorised Roller Blinds

Get With the Program

Motorised Blinds offer effortless light-level management for french doors. These blinds can be controlled with a simple button press, via smartphone or tablet, or through voice commands using your smart home hub. Motorised Roller Blinds are a great choice for family homes as they are free of external chains, cords, or wires. Available in both standard and XL sizes to accommodate smaller and larger spaces.


Motorised Cassette Blinds

Minimalist, Motorised & Marvellous!

Experience the sleek sophistication of Cassette Roller Blinds, paired with the convenience of motorised operation. These stylish blinds can be easily controlled with a touch of a button, through your smartphone or tablet, or by voice command using your smart home hub. Designed without external chains, cords, or wires, our Motorised Cassette Roller Blinds ensure safety in homes with children. Also available in XL sizes to fit wider spaces.


French Door Blinds FAQ's

Thermal blinds can significantly improve the energy efficiency of your home. They can reduce heat loss through windows by 40% or more, which equates to about 10% heating energy savings. In cooling seasons, thermal blinds can reduce unwanted solar heat through windows by up to 60%, reducing the total solar gain to 20% when installed with a tight fit.

Thermal blinds work by creating a barrier between the window and the room, reducing the amount of heat that can pass through the window. They are typically made of materials that have insulating properties, such as cellular shades that contain one or more air layers in a honeycomb cross-section. These air pockets act as insulators, increasing the R-value and reducing the conduction of heat through the window.

There are several types of thermal blinds available, including cellular blinds, roller blinds, roman blinds, vertical blinds and more. The type of blind that will work best for you depends on your specific needs and the design of your home.

Yes, thermal blinds can help reduce your energy bills by regulating the temperature in your home. They can help keep your home warmer in the winter by reducing heat loss, and cooler in the summer by reducing solar heat gain.

Thermal blinds can be used on most types of windows. However, the effectiveness of the blinds can depend on the size and type of the window, as well as how well the blinds fit.

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