Motorised Cassette Blinds

As seen on The Gadget Show

We’d like to thank the lovely people at The Gadget Show for giving us this opportunity. We were excited to show viewers what they can expect from the latest in blind technology!

Why Buy Smart Electric Blinds?

Sleek and Sophisticated

Operating your blinds just got even easier! The rechargeable motor and wire-free design of our Motorised Cassette Blinds make for maximum convenience. With just your remote, you can control multiple blinds at once, or even pair with a Tahoma Connectivity Kit or Somfy Smart Hub to operate your blinds through smart devices. Giving voice commands to your blinds is a lot of fun—especially now that they actually listen!


Compatibility with Other Devices

Google Assistant

You can pair your Somfy Smart Hub or Tahoma Connectivity Kit with Google Assistant, offering reliable voice control for your blinds. Use voice commands to raise, lower and tilt your blinds, or use the app to set timers and routines remotely.

Amazon Alexa

Integration with Alexa is easy and, once connected, you can use the app to set the time of day you’d like your blinds to automatically open, close and tilt. You can even incorporate blind control into your Alexa household routines.


Use the free IFTTT app to operate your blinds using your smartphone. Your phone already does everything, and now it does this! Close your blinds while you’re away from home for enhanced home security.