Perfect Fit Blind Measuring Guide

Measuring your windows to get your ideal blind size is not a difficult task, simply follow the 3 steps below. You can measure in centimeters, millimeters or inches, but please remember the more precise you are, the more precise we are.

Are my windows suitable?

First you will need to find out whether perfect fit is suitable for your window or door. As perfect fit blinds have a special bracket system, which means you dont have to drill or screw into the frame, this means they are only compatible with internally beaded uPVC window frames. (please note, most modern windows are internally beaded, due to safety legislation). Unfortunately, if your window is externally beaded or sealed with glazing tape, then it will not be possible to install Perfect Fit Blinds.

Check for obstructions.

Its important that you check around the window for any obstructions such as window handles. We advise a minimum of 25mm clearance on all sides. We would also advise checking the movement of the handle to ensure this would not tilt or turn into the frame, if you feel this may be the case please do contact us as can still help, by either providing window handle spacers or frame cut-outs (at an additional charge)

Measure the visible GLASS SIZE

To do this, measure the actual visible glass WIDTH and DROP as accurately as possible, we would advise using the mm option on Perfect Fit blinds.

Measure the window frame depth

To do this, we recommend using a Depth Gauge. This gives a measurement from the glass to the face of the window frame where the clip-in brackets will be fitted and will help you select the correct bracket size on your order.

Based on the WINDOW FRAME DEPTH that you provide, we would advise the following:

    If your WINDOW FRAME DEPTH is between 14mm to 18mm, we will send 18mm brackets.
    If your WINDOW FRAME DEPTH is between 19mm to 20mm, we will send 20mm brackets.
    If your WINDOW FRAME DEPTH is between 21mm to 22mm, we will send 22mm brackets.
    If your WINDOW FRAME DEPTH is between 22mm to 24mm, we will send 24mm brackets.
    If your WINDOW FRAME DEPTH is over 24mm, we offer the 30mm bracket, and frame padding foam may be required.

Please note, if you select a wooden or metal venetian Perfect Fit blind, the minimum bracket size would be 24mm. If you measurements suggest a lower sizes bracket, you may need to purchase additional padding foam to fit behind the frame.