Bifold Motorised Blinds

Make controlling the light levels in your home or office as easy as possible with Motorised Blinds from BlindsByPost. This style of blind is sleek and simple in appearance, and delivers a large dose of convenience into your life. Motorised Blinds can be operated by button press, by tablet or smartphone, or through your smart home hub via voice command. You can even set up scheduled movements so that your blinds are automatically raised and lowered at set times each day.

Motorised Blinds are an excellent choice from a child/pet safety perspective, as there are no external chains, cords or wires that might otherwise pose a hazard to young children and household animals.

While our standard Motorised Blinds may be large enough to accommodate bifolds, we also offer XL Motorised Blinds in widths up to 3m. Our XL Motorised Blinds are available in a range of colours and attractive patterns to suit all tastes.

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