Perfect Fit Pleated Blinds

With our perfect fit pleated blinds, we have blended the style of a pleated blind with the perfect fit frame that is specially designed to be used with UPVC windows, bi-folding doors, conservatories and doors. Our range of Hive® Honeycomb energy saving blinds help to block the heat from escaping, as well as suppressing sound due to the honeycomb structure.


Our ASC single cell perfect fit pleated blinds collection has a light reflective coating which makes them the ideal blind for use in conservatories or computer rooms.

The perfect fit system allows the blind to be clipped directly to the window space without having to drill into the wall or frame, this makes them easy to install and also means that no warranties are void for your windows. The unique “slide in” fitting means that you can save space on your window sill and helps to keep the blinds child safe. This is down to the fact that our perfect fit pleated blinds don’t use any hanging cords, this is down to the tension system that is used within the perfect fit frame.

The specialised brackets, which gently slide between the glass and beading seal (rubber seal) will allow you to hang the blinds with no mess, screwing or warranty damaging fittings.

To ensure that all of our perfect fit pleated blinds are produced to fit seamlessly into your window surrounds, we offer a wide range of perfect fit frame colours from white and brown to mahogany and even golden oak.

These blinds are ideal for fitting directly onto double glazed windows, the reason being the perfect fit frame and bracket system slide in between the glass and the rubber seal. This means that whether you have your window open or closed the perfect fit pleated blinds will move with it.

As well as this, when you pull down the blind, the material will fit smoothly against your window pan, which means there are no big gapes which would allow for light leakage. Not only this, but it will also help to prevent heat loss and give a greater level of privacy to your room.

All of our perfect fit pleated blinds are a great addition if you are looking for a space saving blind. Due to the fact that they are directly fitted to your window, means that you get back all of the sill space you would usually lose. The fact that they don’t contain any cords or controls means that they are child safe too!

We have a number of styles and colours, but make sure to checkout our measuring guides before placing your order. Perfect fit pleated blinds help to bring style and colour to any room, without taking up additional space. They are the perfect fit for any room in your home. Reach out to us if you have any questions about our perfect fit pleated blinds. 

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