Perfect Fit Blinds

If you are looking for an easy and effective way to bring colour, as well as a good amount of shade into your home, then our range of Perfect Fit Blinds are the ideal solution.  All of our Perfect Fit Blinds have been designed so that they can simply clip into your UPVC windows, which means you don’t need to damage your window frames by screwing into them. When you open or close your window, the blind will move freely with the window itself, this is due to the blind being clipped between the glass and the rubber glazing bead.

Once the blind is closed, you will see that it fits perfect against the window frame, this minimises any light which can come through. Another benefit of the perfect fit blinds being flush, is that it can entrap heat and increases your level of privacy within a room.

If you don’t have much space around your windows, then our perfect fit blinds are the ideal choice for you. This is down to their window positioning, as they won’t take up a lot of space on your window sill and many of the range don’t have a need for cords or controls, meaning they are child safe.

With a number of styles and colours to choose from, our perfect fit blinds will really help you make a statement around your home. If you are looking for help or advice about fitting these blinds, then give us a call, our friendly team are on hand to help you along the way.

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