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Pleated blinds are one of the most stylish and versatile options for your windows, being able to be folded up into a compact space when not in use. This style of blind is the perfect choice if you are looking to get the best view from your window, especially if you have a small recess as a standard roller or Venetian blinds may not be able to fit within this space.

Our range of cheap pleated blinds are available in a number of neutral colours, with each blind being able to be raised and lowered easily. With the safety feature on these blinds, they are perfectly safe for children as well as looking sophisticated at all times. With both styles of blinds having a great number of thermal properties which will help to decrease your energy bill costs.

All of our pleated blinds are made in-house at our UK-based factory (pleated blinds UK produced), which means they are completed to a high standard and are available with fast track.

Being an attractive alternative to Venetian and roller blinds, pleated blinds are incredibly versatile, being perfect for any home. With slim top and bottom rails which position at the top of the window, stacked neatly when the blind is open - these blinds are definitely a space saver. But, they still give a smart look to any room. 

With a few types of pleated blinds available, whether you are wanting a free-hanging or perfect fit, either will look great in your conservatory or roof windows. With a number of different colours and styles, all fitted with an energy-saving coating, which is ideal for keeping the heat in during those winter months. Our pleated blinds really are a great addition to any room.

Many people refer to a blind as being like a freshly pressed suit, only for the interior world. If you have a look through our current range you will start to get what they mean. With a mix of both fun and classic designs available, offering great value for money - you will be spoilt for choice! Reach out to us if you would like samples. 

All the pleated blinds we have available are made to the highest quality and are an excellent fit for any home. Take a look through our fantastic selection and find a style to measure and suit your interior. Let us know if you have any potential questions about our range of pleated blinds and we will be happy to help you further. 

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