Measuring Guides

How To Measure For A Roller Blind

Measuring your windows to get your ideal blind size is not a difficult task, simply follow the 3 steps below. You can measure in centimeters, millimeters or inches, but please remember the more precise you are, the more precise we are.

We are currently working on producing a video to shows you step-by-step how you can measure for Roller Blinds, using the our website.

We have also highlighted some key points to remember below.

- Measure in 3 places and always use the smallest measurements
- Don't make any deductions from your measured sizes
- Read and follow our guides before ordering

recess size

Measure For Recess

For a recess fitting blind please measure your window recess exactly. We always advise to measure the width and height of the recess in multiple places and quote the minimum values when ordering.

We then make small deductions needed to ensure the blind fits perfectly into the recess.

  1. Measure the width of your recess (wall to wall) in 3 different locations. The most important measurement to write down is the smallest one.
  2. Measure the drop (height) of your recess ( top to window sill) in 3 different locations. Once again the most important measurement to write down is the smallest one.
  3. Use these exact measurements throughout our website and ensure you select "Recess" as the measurement type

Please Note: if the recess is less than 60mm / 2.5" deep, the window opens inwards or there are other obstructions the blind may have to be fitted outside the recess.

For recess sizes we would make deductions to the sizes given, to ensure this fits within the space. This would result in the actual fabric being around 35mm less than the overall blind size

exact blind size

Measure Fabric Width

This measurement option is only available for Roller Blinds. We recommend this measurement option for fitting Roller Blinds outside the recess.

Please Note: when choosing this option, the total blind size will be roughly 35mm larger due to the roller blind headrail and brackets. However, we will make no alterations to the fabric width size provided.

  1. Measure the width of your window and any fabric overlap you require. We advise an overlap of at least 6cm on the window recess.
  2. Measure the drop (height) of your window and any fabric overlap you require. Once again we advice an overlap of at least 6cm on the window recess.
  3. Use these exact measurements on our Roller Blind products and ensure you select "Fabric Width" as the measurement type.

Key Product Information

Blind Details

Size Constraints
Min Width : 300mm (30cm), Max Width : 2800mm (280cm),
Min Drop : 400mm (40cm), Max Drop 3000mm (300cm)
Please note, when width required is over 1800mm, the max drop is 1700mm

Blind Finish
fabric fold-around bottom bar (straight finish)

Universal Metal Brackets
Top fix or face fix
Please ensure you use the correct screws for your fixing surface
*not supplied*

Finer Details

Manufacturing Tolerance
Width: +/- 5mm

Child Safe control Chain
up to max drop size of 100cm,

All of our Roller blinds are provided with child safe chains, this would be with the use of a Child Safe 'P' Clip or a quick release chain join. When the appropriate safety device has been included with your blind, please ensure this device is installed at all times as per the instructions.