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We pride ourselves on having a unique range of pink roller blinds, they are simply stunning and pink is definitely a lively colour! Whether you are looking for a baby pink or a dusk pink roller blinds, we have all the shades you could possibly need!

Our pink roller blinds will help to give a real flair to your room, in a subtle way of course, as you won’t want it to dominate your room’s colour scheme. With a professional finish and high quality materials used during construction, a 3 year guarantee, these pink roller blinds will be the perfect fit to any girl’s room. Child safety being a major priority with all our blinds, that’s why we supply these roller blinds with a safety tidy, which will keep the cords out of harm's reach.

No matter your size or window space, our made to measure pink roller blinds will ensure that your blinds fit snug within your window. Baby pink will help if you want a softer tone of pink, whilst a fuschia will have a fuller and richer tone. We do have a few hot pink roller blinds within our range for those who are wanting to create a lighter feel in their rooms without being too bright.

If you are wanting to take a deeper look into our blind range, simply clicking on the image will take you to a page with more product information. From there you can order a sample which will be sent to you immediately. This way you can make sure you get the correct pink roller blind for you! Get in touch if you've got any questions. 

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