Bifold Vertical Blinds

A Vertical Blind comprises a row of vertically hanging slats that may be tilted or drawn using a wand or dual-beaded chain. (Our chain operated Vertical Blinds come with a cord tidy to ensure child and pet safety.) This budget-friendly option is ideal for wider doorways and windows and provides easy control of a room’s light levels without the bulk of curtains.

Vertical Blinds can be fully closed to provide shade, tilted to filter sunlight evenly across your window, or drawn fully to one side for maximum sunlight and a full view of the outside. Our range includes Blackout Vertical Blinds, which block out light exceptionally well due to their specialised blackout lining. A variety of colours, textures and designs of Vertical Blind are available.

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Bifold Vertical Blinds FAQ's

Yes, we offer Vertical Blinds with 89mm slats and 127mm slats. To browse and shop our 127mm Vertical click here. 

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