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Sunwood With Tapes

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Sunwood With Tapes

Our Sunwood Collection of Wooden Blinds With Tapes offer unprecedented choice when it comes to luxury wood venetians. Helping to create a truly unique look for each interior style. Traditionalists may prefer the more refined beauty of Sunwood’s Essential Collection, which has a core wood venetian offering. Perfectionists will prefer the flawless form of Sunwood Perfect Grain, while the Soft Grain collection shows of the wood’s natural character and texture. This helps to provide the space with a more rustic feel.

Adding tape to your wooden blind will help to give it that extra traditional look, giving more quality and customisation. Wooden Blinds With Tapes will also help to reduce the amount of direct light which enters your room usually through the cord rout holes. Most of our blinds come with co-ordinating tape colour, but we do have a more striking colour range if you are looking to add a bit more flavour to your blinds.

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