Wooden Blinds With Tapes

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Taped Blinds - Wooden Blinds

Blinds with tapes offer an extra way to customise your blinds. Choose from contrasting or coordinating colours to really individualise your window blinds and soften the look. They offer a great way to add some colour to wooden or plain coloured blinds, or even to match your existing decor in the room. Blinds with tapes can also look narrower, so this is a great choice if you have a wider window or space that you’d like to minimise. 

There are several other benefits to adding decorative tape to your blinds. They can serve to hide the cords of the blind, giving a more aesthetically pleasing look. They also have a functional purpose where they can hide any light that leaks through the cord route holes. 

Whether you’re after blinds with a contrasting tape look or after something more coordinated, browse our range to find the right combination for you.