Wooden Blinds With Tapes

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Taped Blinds - Wooden Blinds

Having wooden blinds with tapes in your room really help you to give a high quality look and feel to your plain wooden blinds. These tapes really help to block out the light which would come through your cord rout holes. With a large number of our blinds available as wooden blinds with tapes matching the blind colour. We also have a range of contrasting tape colours available if you are looking for your blinds to stand out.

Here at blindsbypost, we have a huge range of wooden blinds which will really help to make your windows pop! Giving you a great way to control the amount of light you receive into a room, not to mention you can give yourself total privacy whenever you require it (they also tend to reduce the overall amount of sunlight that gets in toyour room via the cord rout holes).. Offering you a great amount of elegance and warmth within your home, our wooden blinds and tapes will give your room a completely different look.

Adding tape to a wooden blind allows it to benefit from the more formal look - plus it gives you more options for when it comes to customising (most come with a co-ordinating tape colour but we do have offer options for those who are wanting to have it pop and contrast). 

We have a number of measuring and fitting guides for our wooden blinds with tapes, so you can make sure that you order the correct size. As well as feeling extremely confident when you are installing your newly purchased blinds.