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Wood Blinds Collection

Purchase directly from a UK based manufacturer with NEXT DAY delivery available. We offer a wide range of Wooden Blinds from Basswood to Composite Faux Wooden Blinds. All with stunning ranges, which make Wooden Venetian blinds the ideal addition to any room within your home. Whether you are looking for your Bathroom, Kitchen or even your Lounge, our range of wood blinds are great to control the amount of light coming into your room. Not to mention that they offer a fantastic level of privacy, are incredibly easy to clean and help to retain heat when installed within a window recess.

Wooden blinds have a great natural look which will really help bring in character to your home. With a simple and organic style, they fit perfectly into modern and even more contemporary spaces. Helping to give your home the elegance and texture it truly deserves. With our Faux Wood collection, you can have the stunning design of a Real Wood Blind, with all the practicality of Faux Wood blinds. All of our Real Wood Blinds are made right here in the UK, with high-quality hardwood which will give the durability and style you would expect.

The overall natural look of wooden blinds really helps to bring a sense of character to your home. With their timeless style and natural material, they are a great fit whether you have a modern or contemporary space, helping to bring a certain elegance and texture to your space. Our range of faux wood blinds are ideal for use within your kitchen or bathroom, the reason being that they are easy to clean and waterproof, which helps them to last a long time in the kind of environment.

All of the real wood blinds we offer are made using a high-quality hardwood, which helps to give the blinds durability and style. Both of our natural and painted wooden blinds are ecologically managed and collected. If you are looking for a little more style, you can choose from our great range of wooden blinds with tapes which will give a soft look to your blinds.

Whether you are looking for a rich wooden blind or a simpler cream & white finish, all our blinds are made-to-measure, easy to clean, and really help to make a statement in any room.

Looking for a wood effect in your bathroom or kitchen? Then why not take a look at our waterproof faux and uPVC wood effect blinds, they are great for use in these kinds of environments as well as in any other room too!

All our wood  blinds are Venetian style and have two controls to allow you to get the right amount of light into your room. When using the cords, you are able to tilt the horizontal slats to either be closed completely or leave a slight gap to filter the light. As well as being able to raise or lower the complete blind. We provide safety cleats with each blind we send.

Our range of Sunwood Wooden blinds gives a premium look without a premium price. With the ability to have these hardwood blinds make your interior stand out, using textured grains or painted slats, you will definitely find the blinds that will help you make a statement. Easily maintained, cleaned, and made to measure means that our range of sunwood blinds are ideal for everyone, not to mention they are great value for money.

If are wanting to add a little more flare to your wooden blinds, then you will find our collection of taped wood blinds really help to bring excitement to your home. Using complementary colours within the tapes really help your blinds stand out against your interior walls.

Natural wood blinds can really help bring natural beauty into your home, our collection of real woods are all made from high-grade hardwood which helps to give a sophisticated look. With a number of different textures and tones available, you will find the ideal blind to bring depth and richness into your home.

Putting a gorgeous set of tapes onto natural wooden blinds help to give a smart and trendy look! With a great collection of textured slats and a number of stylish tones to choose from, you can coordinate a gorgeous set of tapes with an elegant yet contemporary look. Please let us know if you have any questions about our wooden blinds and we will be happy to help you further.