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Wooden Blinds FAQ's

Measuring for our wooden blinds is straightforward. How you want your blinds to fit - inside the recess or outside of it - will determine where you measure. Check out our full measuring guide for wooden blinds for step-by-step instructions.

Each of our wooden blinds come with a full fitting guide which can be downloaded from our website, along with a short demonstration video. We recommend reading and watching these carefully before installation to get the perfect fit for your wooden blinds.

For our faux wood blinds, you can clean them by running a damp cloth over the slats. If your wooden blinds are from our real wood range then it's important to keep them dry, so it's best to dust them with a dry cloth or hoover with the dust attachment.

Wooden blinds can't be beaten for their timeless, stylish look if you want a classic yet flexible solution to your room. Even better, you can choose from real wood or faux and from a huge range of finishes to get the perfect match.

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