Measuring Guides

How To Measure Replacement Vertical Blind Slats

Measuring for replacement slats is not a difficult task, simply follow the 2 steps below. You can measure in centimeters, millimeters or inches, but please remember the more precise you are, the more precise we are.

How do I measure for vertical blind replacement slats?
Measuring and ordering your new vertical blinds slats is simple. Please, follow these 3 steps to ensure your new blind slats fit perfectly...

1) Unclip one of your current vertical blind slats and lay it down on a flat surface

2) Measure the length of the vertical blind fabric only as it lays on the table. Do not include the any part of the hanger that sticks out of the fabric, and do not undo any stitching or glue.

We advise using a metal tape measure for accurate measurements.

Key Product Information

Blind Details

Size Constraints:
Minimum Drop Size: 300mm (30cm),
Maximum Drop Size: 4000mm (400cm)

Manufacturing Tolerance:
Drop : +/- 5mm

Professionally Sewn
with clear thread, not cheaply glued!

UK Standard Double Slotted Blind Hanger
sewn in to each slat, which will allow you to raise the slats by 5mm

Finer Details

Hanger Hole Dimension: 6mm x 3mm
89mm / 3.5" width slats : 89mm Double Slotted Blind Hanger

127mm / 5" width slats : 127mm Double Slotted Blind Hanger

If your hanger is different than the links above, or one shown in the video, please do contact us before ordering

Weights and chains are provided with all orders, with multiple options available. Some assembly may be required.

Please note, if "sewn in" is chosen, the weight will be sewn in around all sides and would not be provided with chains. This weight may be visible on "non-blackout vertical blind slats".